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Have a business but lack NEW customers? Gain NEW SALES with the help of digital marketing.
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1 » Your very special skis don't even need snow? Tell your customers about it...

...we'll thoroughly study your product or service to reveal its basic advantages. Also, we'll create a target market profile, work out an optimal marketing strategy and find the best tools to carry it out.

2 » The good old SWOT...

...analysing advantages and disadvantages of your offer, compared with your competitors'. Revealing the strengths of your product or service, as well as pointing out main directions for its promoion. Determining prospects for increasing your market share.

3 » New clients and where to find them...

...your customers - who are they? Drawing a profile of your average customer. Choosing the optimal set of promotion tools based of your potential clients' consumer habits.

4 » No second chance to make the first impression - you have just 30 seconds for it...

...your landing page accumulates the key messages about benefits of the product; this page is the very place where your product is introduced to prospective customers. All promotion tools lead here - to the page where the purchase is made.

5 » Success means reaching the goal...

...your advertising budget should be well-spent, i.e. increase the conversion rate and, as a result, bring you more revenue - which is one of the main signs that the promotion is effective.

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Core Tools

To succeed in the contemporary world

Facebook for Business
Facebook for Business

With this a set of tools, you'll be able to customize your advertising campaigns, as well as learn how to display your ads more efficiently. It also enables you to configure loading your product catalog for displaying animated ads.
Google AdWords
Google AdWords

This is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay for displaying their short advertisements, service offers, product lists, video content to web users, as well as for mobile application downloads.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics

It is incredibly useful for website owners who want to know how many visitors their sites attract, where these visitors are from, how they behave on the site, etc. Also, Google offers an extremely useful tool for gathering usage stats from Android and iOS applications.
Web Markup Language

Unlike previous versions of the standard, HTML5 needs no third-party proprietary APIs and plugins like Flash. Thanks to new syntactic features, HTML5 supports video and audio on various mobile devices; also, canvas tags allow creating graphics on the fly.
Cascading Style Sheets

It is a declarative style sheet language for structured documents. CSS is one of three keystone technologies - other two are JavaScript and HTML - which are applied in the majority of websites, as well as in user interfaces of web applications.
Programming Language

JavaScript is a really versatile scripting language which adds interactivity to HTML pages. Smart-looking animations, timed updates to web page contents, interactive maps and more - that's all is possible thanks to JavaScript working in the background.
Programming Language

PHP is an open source, server-side scripting language initially designed mostly for web development, but it serves as a general-purpose programming language as well. PHP is omnipresent in the Web: it is applied in more than 20 million web resources.

Service packages

Our goal is to nurture our customers' businesses at any stage of the life cycle of an enterprise. Your product is special - we'll turn it into a brand!


  • Niche analysis
  • Design
  • Text optimization
  • Layout
  • Deployment

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  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

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  • SMM advertising
  • Contextual advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Email marketing
  • Teaser advertisement

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