Business analytics
analyzing the customer’s business model, possible issues and creating a concept in the form of development requirements

Product means profit

We share a philosophy where a successful customer is a happy customer. The product should increase profitability. makeSense is a marketer, sociologist and researcher that shares responsibility for the result – a successful user experience and money earned or saved by the business. Our work on the product begins with a series of research: analyzing the behavioral factors of the audience, testing hypotheses, to reach the result – generating an efficient solution for business growth.

Working procedure

Analysis of needs and trends

For a new product or service to be successful, it must be understandable to the consumer and easily cover a particular need. First-class service is still an undeniable advantage. The purpose of the initial stage of research is to identify unmet needs of the consumers and create an idea of possible changes in their behavior.

Idea creation

Engaging representatives of the target group in the creation process allows to develop products, services and technologies that best meet the needs of consumers and have advantages over competitors.

Idea analysis

The analysis of ideas allows to identify the most promising ones and to work on necessary recommendations for their selection and optimization. The main criteria for creating a successful product: the potential to meet the needs of users, persuasiveness, clarity, originality and credibility.

Idea optimization

After analysis and determination of prospects, ideas pass the stage of optimization and transform into a plan for developing the necessary functionality that will cover the needs of consumers.


Based on the research, a prototype is created – a prototype of your product, service or technology that demonstrates the mechanism of interaction with the consumer and the main benefits of the product or services.

Product marketing

On the prototype stage, all marketing elements necessary for the future promotion and motivation for the potential consumer to use the product or services should be taken into account.

Compliance with trends

In the process of market research, MakeSense involves all key players: product managers, marketers, independent researchers, experts, consumers. The goal of research is to make proper and calculated decisions and implementation them in the process of product development.

We attribute great importance to the study of customer experience: creating focus groups of consumers, identifying customer habits and preferences, fast feedback – all this is the key to creating a convenient and modern product. Such common creativity of a developer and user benefit product adaptability and its continuous improvement.

The use of qualitative and quantitative research methods makes it possible to form a development plan and product road map based on proven hypotheses and client’s requirements to the developer. Careful research before the start of development, our expert knowledge and beneficial cooperation with a customer in the process of product development ensure reaching the expected business results.

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