Customer Relationship Management
creating customized solutions for client accounting and management of project portfolio in a seamless environment


makeSense creates CRM systems according to your requirements. We take into account everything: type of business, features of business processes, system workload, the number of users and required integrations with other systems, from the corporate website to payment systems.

Stages of development

1. Coordination of business logic

makeSense analyzes Customer’s business processes, identifies optimization points and builds a sequence of processes to establish an efficient CRM system.

2. Creating a technical task

Identifying the main flows, similar or interconnected processes, description of functionality, the sequence of works and features of their technical implementation.

3. System design

Development of software product interface design taking into account the peculiarities of its operation and a technical task.

4. Programming of modules

Development of software components for the CRM system based of the established technical requirement and product design.

5. Testing and integration

Testing is a thorough check of the performance of each CRM element and its integration with the Customer’s resources.


CRM is an individual accounting system. It allows to maintain full record of all operations with clients, conduct audit of sales processes, customer servicing and support, build sales strategies. You can easily create extensive reports about your company operations, the quality of employees’ working performance, engagement of staff. Using the technology, you can expose weak points in the process of interaction with clients, improve sales procedure and their volume as a result.

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