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development of cross-platform apps (Android, iOS) supported by all types of mobile devices
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Our task

We create applications for Android and iOS mobile devices and tablets. We help your business work even more efficiently: using modern technologies, we create solutions that best demonstrate the benefits of your products and services.

It is difficult to overestimate the impact of design on consumer choice, so we not only integrate the functionality you need into an attractive design, but also optimize the app so that using it becomes a habit.

Stages of development

1.Technical requirement

We will help to determine the best functionality of mobile app necessary to implement your business idea. Together we will choose the navigation elements, the platform for the future software product and other components that affect the app operation.

2.Prototype and design

Sight is one of the most important human senses, which is why we pay great attention to the visual support of the project, ease of navigation and understandable interface.

3.Development stage

The research results are transformed into a technical requirement, which becomes the basis for the product prototype. The finished prototype and design layout of the mobile application is the basis for its technical implementation.

4.Publishing the application

To publish an app on behalf of the client, registration of a separate developer account is required. After registration, the application is submitted for approval, e.g. by Apple. The review procedure takes approximately 7 business days.

5.Technical support

Every project needs technical support and improvement. It is especially true for IT products – new versions of operating systems are released, new devices appear, the number of users grows and this leads to problems associated with increasing workload and other factors. All applications need to adapt to the changing environment and always stay relevant.

6.Product promotion

Like websites, mobile applications need to be promoted. The AppStore alone has more than 500,000 apps and is adding about 500 new ones every day. Our complex of services includes promotion – we’ll make sure that your application is seen and downloaded by the maximum number of users.


The functionality of mobile app is significantly superior to the functionality of website mobile version, because all computational and data processing operations are performed directly on the device and not on the server, as opposed to the mobile version of the website.

Mobile application is created according to certain requirements (guidelines) that regulate and standardize the main functional features. For example, the size of the button in Android cannot be less than 48 * 48 pixels, which corresponds to the finger size of an average person.

Mobile app is created and optimized directly for a particular operating system, allowing you to use embedded system processes to solve certain tasks.

Thanks to the ‘rubber’ layout we use, mobile application will always look perfect on different devices, unlike applications that use the grid.

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