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development of product design in line with the latest Customer Experience trends and modern interface

Development of interface design

Oftentimes, user leaves the website or program because of inability to find the desired feature. The task of UI/UX design specialist is to develop a program interface where user can easily reach the destination.

We take into account not only the "color theory" and the harmonious combination of elements, but also the needs of the audience identified as a result of numerous research activities. Only by experimenting, it is possible to understand what design will be most attractive to the audience over a period of time.

Step-by-step approach

Creating the perfect UI/UX project is impossible without a well-established process that combines a number of interrelated stages:

Shaping the strategy

We define, analyze and compare business tasks with the needs of users. As a result of the analysis, we identify expectations, requests and problems that may arise when interacting with the product. We create a UX strategy. If the product is just being created, we use the data and models of the closest competitors for analysis.

Requirements map

Based on the results and conclusions of the market analysis and the established strategy, we make a list of the main requirements that the product must meet. The requirements map is a set of clear rules that must be followed when creating an interface.

Information architecture

The next crucial stage is the creation of the information architecture of the project, taking into account the functional specifics and ensuring convenient and fast access to content.

Creating a prototype

A prototype is created for each unique template of the future project. Later it is adapted to different devices. Creating a product prototype involves displaying a clear and understandable ‘flow’ of the user interface.

Prototype testing

Testing of the created interface for compliance with a prototype and usability principles: processing of all possible consumer flows, defining the existence of ‘complex routes’ and their optimization.

Creating a design

Taking into account all these stages and current trends, a concept design is created, which becomes the basis for the design of all application screens or website pages. The interface is shaping into a finished product.

Our design – your success

We know how modern web and mobile applications should look like. We know how to engage the user in the efficient interaction with the product and make it convenient and as much informative as possible. Working with a project, we build logic pathways and create an interface that is truly unique and accessible to the user.

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