WEB Development
development of websites, online shops, platforms with video conference communication capabilities and web applications

What we develop

Online shops

Flexible user-friendly and powerful platforms for managing online shops. Integrate the next-generation solutions and become the leader in your niche.

Websites and landing pages

Generate key messages about the advantages of your company on the website or landing pages, which are the basis platforms for introducing your product and services to clients.

Video conference platforms

Video conference directly on your web portal or in the mobile app with integrated system of product management. From idea to implementation.

Web extensions and apps

Smart animation, flexible data management and a variety of other functions are possible with web extensions that are functioning in the background mode.

Quality guarantee

What you get

Custom approach

Regardless of scale and budget, each project gets the support necessary for development of the software product concept and arrangement of an efficient operational plan.

Focus on results

High-quality and successful product is our priority when working with customers. That is why we always try to complete or enhance your idea to achieve the best result.

High functionality

We create websites that have a user-friendly interface, show high performance and provide excellent functionality on any device: mobile phones, tablets or personal computers.

Modern technologies

In the process of development, we use innovative technologies to create modern, large-scale and high-performance WEB interface products for all browsers and devices.

Data security

We ensure data protection from the very beginning of development, taking into account the availability and uninterrupted access to the WEB product, as well as requirements of the customer.

24/7 support

We offer a 24/7 customer support service from the moment of project release and the start of its operations. The request processing time ranges from 1 hour to 1 day.

Web development

You need to determine in advance what kind of website you require. In the digital environment, there are three main classes of software products:

¹ Ready-made solutions that have almost nothing to do with development – this is just renting a website with its settings.

² Template solutions allowing to assemble websites quickly using the ready-made solutions. It can be called a development only partially, because the specialist just completes the ready-made elements.

³ Custom solutions are created from scratch at the client’s request. Special features of such products include unique design, individually selected functionality and implementation of all customer’s requirements.


Stages of development

Development goals

First of all, it is necessary to understand who is your consumer – make a “portrait” of the person who will use the WEB resource. It is also equally important to analyze the work of competitors and compose a comparative chart: what functionality market leaders are offering to users, what design and structure they have.

Technical requirement

Creating the correct technical requirement (TR) is the most important step from all stages of website development. Discussing and approving the TR is a two-way process, as there are things that only developer understands, and things that only the customer knows about.

Design development

When developing a custom design, the features of the product or service are always taken into account. With a detailed analysis of competitors and the market, designers determine the most profitable design for the website. A unique style of the company is created, emphasizing its features, so that the brand could quickly acquire awareness in the online segment. Specialists use branded colors and elements to develop all details, UX/UI and product animations.

Website programming

After approving the design, experts start working on technical implementation. Programmers turn design project into a reality by creating a working structure. During website development, tests are regularly conducted to eliminated issues.

Content filling

The finished website needs content. Customer's representatives add the necessary content on the website: a catalogue of products or services, information about the company, contacts, etc. Our content manager helps you to choose images that suit the corporate style and emphasize main benefits of products and services.

Testing and support

Upon completion of the development, the final testing is conducted, code semantics is checked and the product (website) is set to be released. Once the process is completed, makeSense team provides technical support for the product (website): constant monitoring of accessibility and security.

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